About us

footballcode.eu - football camps with passion. Adjusting our events to every team individual needs!

About us 

footballcode.eu is a vast database of hotel and training objects with their offers dedicated to the football teams. Our goal is to help clubs and teams in finding a perfect football base for their training camp. 

We care for football clubs 

We adjust to our partners' needs: 

1. searching for the ideal location to organize football camp on behalf of the teams and clubs, 

2. acting as a middleman between you and desired location, helping to set the football camp, 

3. end-to-end football camp setup. 

It is up to the club to choose one of the above cooperation methods. 

Our team 

Football and professionalism are what brought whole our team together. Not that long time ago we have been in your shoes. Participating in football camps as professional players, setting up football camps as club employees and representing sports complex during the camps. Football passion and industry experience are letting us address the needs of a club CEO, coach, and players. We know your needs. We are ready to fulfill your needs. Every single one of us!