Bulwary Wisły | Wisła Wisła 43-460, Bulwar Słoneczny, Silesia Voivodeship

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Vistula Boulevards - Sunny and Lunar - stretch in the form of asphalt or stony paths along the largest Polish river flowing through the middle of the valley in which the town of Wisła is located. They are located near the central alley of this Beskid village and are directly adjacent to the Park located in its very heart.

The boulevards due to their unusual neighborhood - rivers and mountains - are a convenient place to work on motor skills. Long avenues located directly next to the river that had its beginnings on the nearby Barania Góra mountain are certainly a good variety of training during the grouping.

Many sports teams from all over Poland, hosting - especially in the preseason season - in Wisła, use boulevards while building up fitness during running training units.

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