Siłownia Arms Up | Siedlce Siedlce 08-110, ul. Jana Pawła II 6, Masovia Voivodeship

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· Free weights, stacking machines, cardio training machines 

 · Training stations secured with shock-absorbing floor mats

· Cloakroom in the facility

The ARMS Up gym - administered by the Siedlce City Development Agency - is located in the cubature of the Football Stadium - the home facility of MKP Pogoń Siedlce. Professional equipment with free weights, machines with a stack, machines for the implementation of cardio training allows you to train all parts of the body.

In the vicinity of the facility there are 4 full-size football pitches with natural grass, 1 full-size football pitch with artificial grass, an aqua park and a hotel.

The hotel and training base located at ul. Jana Pawła II in Siedlce is a great place to organize football training camps. All the necessary facilities are located in one place, and an additional advantage is the location on the edge of the city, which provides the opportunity to train in an atmosphere of peace and concentration.

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