Hala sportowa | Cicibór Duży Biała Podlaska 21-500, Cicibór Duży 1, Lublin Voivodeship

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The sports hall in Cicibór Duży is located at the Primary School name of Maria Konopnicka. It consists of a full-size, illuminated sports hall with a parquet surface with 3x2 m goals and a cloakroom complex.

At a distance of 3 km, the hotel and sports base of the city of Biała Podlaska is available, including: full-size football pitches with natural and artificial surfaces, gyms or a water park.

In addition to the attractions of Biała Podlaska from Cicibór Duży, you can reach, e.g., the Stud Farm in Janów Lubelski or attractive towns located on the Bug River.


Distance to Warsaw (PL) 158 km

Distance to Brest (BY) 50.5 km

Distance to Biala Podlaska (PL) 3.2 km

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  • Bus parking

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