Park Kościuszki - Ustroń Ustroń 43-450, Parkowa, Silesia Voivodeship

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Kosciuszko Park is located not far from the center of Ustroń and the Vistula Boulevards, a walking and cycling route of several kilometers along the largest of the Polish rivers. In addition to the neatly laid out alleys, there are attractive facilities on the map of Ustroń, including Amphitheater and Ustroń Museum Jan Jarocki. The park is a recreation and sport zone for both residents and numerous guests of the spa, including sports teams using a very good sports and accommodation base, as well as climatic values of the village during numerous preparatory camps or pre-match groupings.

The park complex is less than 2 km of paved alleys among trees and carefully trimmed lawns, which can be successfully used as an alternative for running training sessions. In addition, after dark the whole area is illuminated.

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