Stadion Piłkarsko-Lekkoatletyczny | Włocławek Włocławek 87-800, Leśna 53a, Kuyavia-Pomeranian Voivodeship

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The Football and Athletics Stadium in Włocławek is a modern, professional sports facility, thoroughly modernized in 2014.

It is equipped with a full-size football pitch with a natural surface and an athletic arena, including an 8-track 400-meter athletics track, a jump hill, a pole and a shot putter, a shot throw for a shot put, a discus throw and a javelin throw, a ditch with water to run with obstacles. The high standard of sanitary and social facilities complements this.

In the immediate vicinity are located: The Hall of Champions, Sports and Entertainment Hall (full-size sports halls, gym), swimming pool and training complex (2 full-sized football pitches with artificial surface).

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