Park Kresowy | Sosnowiec Sosnowiec 41-200, Kresowa, Silesia Voivodeship

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Kresowy Park in Sosnowiec is 4.8 ha of green areas right next to the main road of the Silesian agglomeration S86 and in the immediate vicinity of the Zagłębie Sosnowiec Stadium. Asphalt alleys allow for pre-match start-up or running training in a quiet green atmosphere, bicycle paths are located along the promenades.

For lovers of slightly more extreme sports, the park has the famous Wake Zone Stawiki, which is famous all over southern Poland.

In addition, within the Park it is worth visiting the c, where you can see vegetation and animals from different climate zones. Over 100 different species of plants and over 40 species of mammals and reptiles will diversify the walk along the paths.

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