Siłownia MOSiR | Puławy Puławy 24-100, ul. Hauke-Bossaka 1, Lublin Voivodeship

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The gym administered by MOSiR in Puławy is part of a hotel and training complex located at ul. Hauke-Bossaka.

The gym is located on level -1 of the facility, where the teams have at their disposal a hotel, dining area, conference rooms and sports locker rooms. In the neighbourhood, there is a football field with artificial grass, a football field with natural grass, an LA running track and an outdoor swimming pool area. Within a 10-minute walking distance, there is a full-size sports hall and a swimming pool with elements of wellness.

The gym is equipped with professional equipment, including insulated devices and free weights. The floor is made of a non-slip cushioning mat. The location of the gym in the lower floor of the building ensures training in a calm atmosphere. After going through the corridor from the gym, there is a direct exit to the sports fields and the athletics track.

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